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July 23, 2014



Graumann would see a major threat to Jewish life in anyone who does not want to grant them a special say in German political affairs, so he is hardly the right person to ask.

Having said that, the recent outbreak (not to forget the soccer match of an Israeli club in Austria forced to an early end due to protesters storming the playing field) seems to have a new quality.

If you keep in mind that all major German media have forbidden comments on all news related to Jews and Israel for years however, one could have guessed the reasons behind that treatment.

I was expecting our political leadership and the police to react as harshly as possible (even beyond strictly legal ways) to the anti-Israel protests, because they all know what would happen in a matter of weeks, would the people be allowed to speak freely in this regard. Just imagine: What would go on, would civilians be allowed to wear uniforms again and say/sing what they liked to do while marching the streets? Such two tiny changes in our legislation would cause an earthquake in my opinion.

Isn't it quite amusing to see that decades of political education trying to make Germans friends of the Jews did not work out in the end :-D

However I would say rest assured that Jews have little to fear in this country for as long as the current system lives.


"as long as the current system lives."

What "system" could replace it, Zyme?

A pro-Putin coalition of AfD and Die LINKE? Strange bedfellows who belong together!


While there may be differences between each alternative, how do you think any other system could possibly treat Jews even more friendly?

I believe they will never have a bigger say than in the system that considers itself the antithesis of national socialism.

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