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July 19, 2014



Hilfe! Die Russen kommen(tieren)!

Hundreds of German speaking Russians are flooding the comment sections and blogs of the German mass media. I wonder how many of these commenters have a Russian IP.


I do fully agree with previous comment. German media (as well as media in other countries) are full of Russians - and it is not important if they are paid for their comments (they work as trolls in that case) or not. This is something typical for them - to leave the country but stay proud and "patriotic" so they are in reality "propaganda army" of Kremlin. Their "urapatriotism" is awful, their reactions are also awful since they are not able to use their own minds. They love to be led by strong leader. Doesnt matter if he is right or he is dictator. The problem is that they are spread all over the world and they will fight to death with you that THEY ARE RIGHT and that rest of the world wants to destroy their federation. And the truth is that the world would like to ignore them and let them do what they want - until due to imperial desires of their president die hundreds of people and wars start. This is tragedy that Russian person is not able (or only in rare cases) of any self-reflection and introspection. "Russian soul" is only myth


I would assume that millions of genuine Germans emigrating from Russia to Germany after 1990 do have an influence here.

Imagine a majority in the country not trusting both America and Russia, seeing especially the US as the driver for war in the world and then being fed pro-Russian-views by these people.

It could be the crucial factor that makes the majority swing in favor of Russia.

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