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August 29, 2014



Putin can't be stopped, that's the problem. He won't care about Russia's economy, if it runs bad people will blame the west and not him. On the other side, we in the west care a lot. How can we punish him without punishing ourselves? Plus, we have no military options.

You mention the limits of pacifism, but there also limits of bellicism. Imagine Hitler had the A-bomb. Would France and Great Britain have given guarantees for Poland's territorial integrity? A bad example, perhaps, because the situation is more like early than late 1939, like the smashing of the remainder of Czechia.

Are we ready for a new cold war? The Middle East could be a nice replacement battlefield to avoid our own territories. Maybe IS is the bigger thread anyway...


Spheres of influence are being reshaped in Eastern Europe. If we Germans seek to hold ours we have to counter Russian moves decisively.

No military options? Couldn't we deliver plenty of military equipment to Ukraine so that they can put it to good use?

And as a neat side-effect we could then restock our own military with state of the art equipment to replace what has been given away.


I can't believe anyone thinks it's a good idea for Germany to get involved in that conflict. Or the U.S. either.


So the west should hand over all of Ukraine,like we did with Crimea? Why not give Russia all of the Baltic countries as well, so Putin can bring all the ethnic Russians "Heim ins Reich"?

I urge you to read Timothy Snyder's "Bloodlands". History is repeating itself.

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