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September 24, 2014



I guess that means Henryk Broder was more right than I gave him credit for.


Generally speaking I don't really appreciate any kind of religion.

Nonetheless, would Jewish organisations not use German history as a tool to influence German politics today, I wouldn't actually mind them!

A great example was the rally conducted in Berlin on September 14th: 4.000 people including high ranking members of Jewish society came to demonstrate against antisemitism in Germany.
4.000 - keep that number in mind when reading who attended with such a not exactly massive crowd: Chancellor Merkel, President Gauck, co-governing SPD head Gabriel and many, many more.

They must probably be thinking "oh no, not another mandatory instance screwing up my calender, where we have to show up and endlessly repeat how in love we are with Jewish life in Germany"...

Were I a Jew, I would get a sinister feeling from hearing such compelled "committments", as it can't go on like this forever.


nicht, dass ich irgend etwas beschönigen wollte ...

jedoch kenne ich niemanden, der "jude" als schimpfwort benutzt. dass allerhand leute mit der israelischen politik, gerade in letzter zeit, nicht einverstanden sind, ist eine andere sache. das muss man dann auch sagen dürfen. da kommt es sehr auf den ton an.

und sowieso kann man für alles negativ-bespiele finden. letzthin fiel mir in einigen amerikanischen serien auf, dass anscheinend ganze bevölkerungsschichten in den usa ebenfalls auf die juden schimpfen und da "verluste" nicht so schlimm finden. offenbar gibt es solche idioten ja überall auf der welt, oder?


@Zyme, anti-Semitism has nothing to do with religion, since "Jew" denotes ethnicity. Most Jews are secular and not religious. The Nazis recognized this and murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews who had converted to Christianity.

Did it occur to you the political leaders don't view condemning anti-Semitism as an "unpleasant chore" but rather as a sacred duty in view of Germany's history?


I am sure they see it as much a sacred duty as the rest of the populace, which has the right to abstain from such events and is hence criticized by the Jewish counsil ;-)

1 out of 20 might consider this no nuissance. Hardly any more.


"offenbar gibt es solche idioten ja überall auf der welt, oder?"

Das ist wahr. Nur hat der Antisemitismus in Deutschland eine ganz andere Bedeutung. Schliesslich hat Amerika Millionen von Juden Zuflucht und Asyl gegeben.

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