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January 31, 2015



If I get you correctly, the only thing that can come from Ulfkotte's work is his readers turning against US-friendly and anti-nationalist policies?

So why not let him continue on his mission :-)


With a Genius like Ulfkotze in se Agency, they would have to call it LCIA .. Lack of ...

I just showed that Clip to my Buddy at the Headquarter. I'm sure he won't stop laughing soon. :)


LOOOOOOL wtf is wrong with the author ?
Udo Ulfkotte never said this- these are just simple lies, show any proof of your statements
Fucking armerican propaganda.
to every stupid person on this page, check just one of the lies mentioned here ! you will find nothing

Thomas Breitner

I stopped reading this when I realised that most of the references point to this very website. So your evidences are posts that you wrote yourself earlier on. Very professional, thank you.


Writer David Dundale won an adjournment in Bray District court on 18/5/2015 using Udo Ulfkottes book as evidence.Suspected mi6 agent Albert Smith (NUJ life member) also worked in the Irish Independent tried to steal writer Dundales laptop last year Dundale stopped a violent attack however failed journalist Albert Smith filed for his allegations,the next hearing is set for 15/6/2015


David Dundale is a left wing writer and anti fascist he has contributed to the most famous ever espionage drama in Ireland GSOC bugging,this involved the British secret Service sending over mi6 agents to scan/look for bugs in irish Government buildings it cost the chief of police and the legal minister their jobs articles still on line written by David Dundale as follows...MI6 under fire from GSOC mole 7/7/2014,Mi5/GSOC allegations within IPCC 24/7/2014,IPCC MI5 contracts 3/8/2014...Smith tried to steal Dundales laptop prior to these articles being written and started a false court hearing.


Why is he "Fake Journalist"? Didn't he worked as Journalist at "Frankfurter Allgemeine" Newspaper for 15 Years, as he claims?


So this is how a man's story is twisted once he tells the truth. You're either being paid or you're so brainwashed, the Westen powers that be don't even have to pay you to spread their propaganda!


Are you one of Vladimir's trolls?

Only an idiot could be believe anything "Dr." Ulfkotte publishes.


DENNIS OBRIEN cia agent was in coolege in americaand ismemberof bill clinton foundation (cia) dennis obrien hasrecently struck new espionage dealin russia with telecommunication deal


DENNIS OBRIEN is a cia gangster he attended college in america and is a member of bill clintons foundation (CIA) albert smith irish independent received his house for working for this man andfor working for mi6 dennis obrien is irelands richest man and hasdrug addictstv personality companies cops working for him heis cia mobster exposed and has bray gardai police work for him and judges they follow persons around and his cops give drug addicts free heroin and cops cars and houses the ciawhitewash and work for him

mark e smith

i believe these allegations.....

Aaren Kuetz

I back this guy 100% when it comes to, as you call it, "racist and anti-Islam hatemonger." What's there to love about Islam, South Africa or Obama?


et pourtant nous sommes persuadés que Dr. Ulfkotte ne ment pas et que c'est votre article qui pue le mensonge
yet we are convinced that Dr. Ulfkotte not lying and that your article stinking lie

Onivido Kurt

You do exactly what Mr. Ulfkotte claims to be the common procedure used by journalists, or maybe better expressed, you do for what journalists are being used.


@ Lol and Thomas Breitner.
Yes .... and we are all still waiting for this source to prove any of its accusations against Ulfkotte. Proof - that is - that wasn't written by this very source in the first place.

Fred Eidlin

This article is nothing more than a barrage of propaganda aimed at defaming Ulfkotte with allegations that are irrelevant to what he writes about how journalists are bought. No effort is made to discuss his book. Is there any evidence that refutes what he writes?


Ulfkotte is supported by the neo-Nazis. Doesn't that tell you something?


you sound like a desperate rat trapped by the truth... Truth hurts huh?


Truth? The charlatan Ulfkotte has never uttered one word that was truthful. Yet people of limited intelligence believe him and actually pay money to buy his books.

They would be better-off spending the money on crack cocaine.


Ulfkotte is right on about European journalists in the CIA pocket. It is obvious when they are preaching pro-American propaganda that puts their countries at risk. The best option is to fight to get your country out of NATO so that it might be spared destruction.

Akram Rizk

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

My opinion is that Dr. Udo Ulfkatte is telling the truth in this segment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzySk8qfvxk.

Additionally, my opinion is that whoever wrote this article is a liar. A pathetic liar... who doesn't support journalists admitting the truth.


If you believe the fake journalist Ulfkotte that the CIA dictates what is published in the US and German press then I have a shiny tinfoil hat for you.


David wrote:
Only an idiot could believe.....
Ulfkotte is supported by neo-Nazis....
The charlatan Ulfkotte has never uttered one Word that was truthful....
People of limited intelligence believe him.....
Fake journalist Ulfkotte...
Have a shiny tinfoil hat for you....
Statements that tell much more about David than anyone else.
Congratulations to you that think you are intelligent:-)


What brainless moron wrote this propagandist piece?




Poor Udo. So full of hate it eventually killed him.

Or was it a "Herzinfarkt-Pistole" (Heart Attack Pistol)?



Fake?? journalist my arse!

Your site is full of shit

Time 4 u 2 face reality

Islam is being used by tptb 4 an agenda

Ever heard of the term White genocide

Woops, now I'm also a racist right

Please carry on with your S4B (shitforbrains) you'll probably get the whole picture the next time u visit this godforsaken plane called earth!!

J. Wales


real fake news site...nato imperial propagandists...pfuj..


He was murdered. They got him in the end.

Freedom of speech is lost forever.


@Niklas -

Who do you think arranged for his murder? CIA? Mossad? George Soros? Or was it Rothschild and the "Weltjudentum"?

I always get a laugh from the conspiracy theories.


what a moronic page of brainwashed CIA stoodge. probably never heared of operation mockingbird.

 Dervish Advocate

lol getting bushes in your own comments, like a rapper getting bodied on his own single.

I bet there were people who thought the reichstag fire was whatever hitler said it was. There even people who take Rumsfeld's word for what happened to WTC7 (2 planes, 3 buildings, bitches). So let there be no loose talk of conspiracy theory. The sheep are getting harder to shame into conformity. And linking to your own blog? Is that droll like a hayseed or stupid like a troll?


Wow, a paid for blog just like Udo said. No one dies for lying, but they do for telling the truth.

You can't prove anything that you cite he said as being false.

As for Obama, the illegal president, yes he was waging a war against Christians. The IRS was targeting conservative groups which are often Christian. There are many other examples, but you don't actually care since your job is propaganda.


"Conservative groups are often Christian."

You mean "Christo-Fascist". There is nothing "Christian" about the evangelical Trump supporters - mostly ignorant racists who nave never actually read the Gospels.

BTW- I'm still waiting for my first check from George Soros...


This is a fake news site.


"evangelical Trump supporters - mostly ignorant racists who nave never actually read the Gospels."

That's a rather broad characterization, don't you think.

Peter A.

"Ulfkotte distinguished himself as a racist and anti-Islam hatemonger, demanding that all Muslims be deported from Germany in order to create more Lebensraum for ethnic Germans." - from the writer who is apparently too ashamed to attach his name to this nonsense

Well, what is wrong with being opposed to the utterly barbaric nonsense we call Islam? If you love Islam, and Muslims, so much, then I suggest you catch a one-way flight to Mecca.

God, what a whiny windbag this writer is.


Oy vey! This blathering nut must be a (((JEW)))


No, Christian - Anglican actually. but anti-Nazi.


They have a desk ready for you at Langley.


Appearing on a Russia owned network does not disprove anything he says. All the networks are either owned by the state (BBC for instance) or by corporations with political allegiances. Wikileaks already proved the influence that the DNC has on American mainstream media. Now, does that mean that anybody that appears on these networks are outright liars? Most whistle-blowers and truth-tellers will appear on any network that will have them, regardless of what that network's intentions are. Not everybody treats the truth like some kind of bargaining chip.


Our friend Ulfkotte is dead now, but I challenge you to find factual evidence that would support anything he wrote.

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