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January 29, 2015



One big terrorist attack in Germany could change everything. Germany extends its role in Iraq now by training the Peshmerga and supplying them with weapons. Will ISIS really ignore that? Did you know that the Association of German Detectives has bitterly complained how easy it is, ironically in Berlin, to register with false documents and passports, because the authorities practically do not check them for authenticity? Excellent preconditions for any sort of crime - and for sleeper cells. Usually, before the police take notice, criminals have long taken advantage of it and we have an islamic parallel society in Berlin anyway. So how are the odds really for Pegida over the long run? What has to happen before tabloids like BILD start bashing politicians when they say that islam is a part of Germany?


BILD is in fact part of the problem. Those behind our mass press seem to be closely associated with the way our political class operates.
Together they try to put a halt to any popular movement which threatens their way.

Like you mentioned, a terrorist attack could change everything though.

One can only hope the Muslims know better, keeping the Jews' history in mind.


@zyme, please explain your last sentence:

"One can only hope the Muslims know better, keeping the Jews' history in mind."


While I suspect you fully got the meaning here we go:

The radical Muslims should better not temper with their current area of refuge in Europe where they can peacefully retreat, be treated and plot new terrorist attacks.

If instead they do everything to make Muslims the target of a European public opinion (being a sleepwalker in global security affairs today), they might find out the hard way what it means to antagonize Europeans.

In what I see as a stark contrast to Americans, once Europeans sufficiently feel being on a mission to save the planet, just like in the past the results might make Abu Ghraib and Guantanomo look like child's play.

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