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August 10, 2015



Jens Berger (NachDenkSeiten-Chefredakteur und Spiegelfechter-Mitherausgeber) meint, dass nur die Reicheren flüchten. Damit bedient er fremdenfeindliche Ressentiments:
"Wer aus wirklich armen Ländern nach Europa flieht, gehört selbstverständlich in diesen Ländern nicht zur breiten Unterschicht!"


Was will er damit sagen? Ob man ein Handy hat oder nicht ist egal.


For this influx, the current regulations (or lack of) are not suitable to German culture.

We should find another way to practically abolish political asylum (just like the motivation behind the Dublin 2 agreement). Otherwise there will come a time when resentment becomes uncontrollable.

Immigration is required - but only those which have acquired qualifications we can employ. Which in practice will only be a tiny minority.

Maybe a foreign legion like in France could be founded for those having obtained battle experience and willing to risk their lives. After several years of conducting missions deemed too dangerous to risk our genuine citizens for, they should be awarded citizenship.

But what about the rest? There simply is no place for them in Europe. The sooner we face this reality, the better. One more reason for Britain to stay in the EU, as they seem to have one of the very political classes prepared to take action in this regard.


Great idea, Zyme! Let's use the foreigners as "Kanonenfutter"!

Well, that might be one way for Germany to honor its NATO obligations.


So much talk among our political class and the media they control about how very qualified those refugees are.
I have not yet heard of a proposal which would make better use of their actual know-how.

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