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August 25, 2015



I wondered in this context, whether there is significant violence in other European countries due to the refugee influx. Is there?

Britain seals of its borders as well as possible and Hungary erects border defenses. Is Italy the only other country where citizens are fed up and riot in some places, or do I simply lack media access to find out about others?


@Zyme -
Macedonia seems to be in bad shape, although I haven't heard of any arson incidents.


Macedonia, Greece and southern Italy do have far lower wealth to begin with and have to deal with an influx far higher in proportion to their existing populace.

However I believe there is one crucial reason, why there are so many incidents in Germany and few such in its similarly wealthy neighboring countries:
In contrast to those countries, the political right wing is not represented in Germany.

When a certain part of a society is completely sealed off from legislation and political discourse, don't they always resort to violence at some point?
(One cannot count a party such as the NPD as a suitable representation, when half of its representatives are on government agencies' payroll and the threat of a ban constantly hangs in the air).

Maybe things would be different if freedom of speech was also extended to the right wing by abolishing criminal offenses tailored to prevent salutes and such?

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