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September 05, 2015



"German democracy is strong enough to tolerate that."

As much as I hate to agree to our politicians and media, but it isn't. Small wonder, given the fact that it is constructed so ineffectively. Which in itself is no surprise, since we all know who drafted our constitution right after a bloody conflict, right?

Those who thrive on this system are afraid and thus will continue to battle free speech fiercely. The Facebook case clearly indicates this. In the news we often hear sentences like "politicians are moving against Facebook which still adheres to the more intensive freedom of speech common to America". Is this supposed to be a joke? A long time ago I was told there is only freedom of speech or none. But I guess those worthy successors of the DDR would disagree.

Imagine people would be allowed to praise the Third Reich and wear party uniforms again? How long would it take before uniformed people would be seen marching on every public spot in provinces in the East? It would run a course similar to Hungary, is my bet.

Fear will drive our established media (in no small part owned by our established political parties, surely a coincidence in itself) to continue the propaganda barrage we have seen in the last few weeks.

Just look into UK media and you will find commentaries critical to giving in to the refugee avalanche. Not so in Germany, where in a country of 80 million all established journalists (save those compelled to silence?) agree heartily that we must save the world.

Oh and by the way, I don't have a FB account either :D
Good that I read this one before finishing my lines. Allows me to go to bed still smiling, after this long post.


" given the fact that it is constructed so ineffectively"

The Grundgesetz has been the cornerstone of freedom in Germany for 70 years. What would you change, Zyme?

In terms of criticism of the "open door" policy for migrants, it appears that the CSU has been pretty vocal in attacking the chancellor.

Or, you could join with Sahra Wagenknecht and put pressure on the United States to take them. After all, the crisis is the fault of the "Amis" - just like every other problem on the planet.

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