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September 26, 2015


Heinrich Schumann

You Should always read the whole postof Dirk Müllerf before you give stupid answers. But by the way People Like Soros Nobody will Need them they do not invest they only destroy


"You Should always read the whole postof Dirk Müllerf before you give stupid answers."

I did read it to the end and should have included in my post his reference to yet ANOTHER supposed conspiracy against VW.

"Bemerkenswert ist übrigens auch, dass am gleichen Tag in Brasilien Klage gegen VW erhoben wird, weil der Konzern in den Jahren 1964-1985 (!) mit der damaligen Diktatur zusammengearbeitet haben soll. Es gibt schon merkwürdige Zufälle.

Keine weiteren Fragen, Euer Ehren."

He seems to imply this Brazilian action was somehow coordinated with the Americans.


What surprised me was how much of a fuss was generated in USA about this. Wherever I went in this country, I rarely ever saw vehicles which would inflict less on our "precious environment".

In Russia people apparently simply shrugged and forgot about it. Why is it any different in USA?

Ferdo Crane

Is the first thing that i thougth , there is a comercial war out there.
But you have to be really an asshole to do what vW did.

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