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October 31, 2015




I would like to correct you, the Universities Tübingen and Basel,CH asked Dr. Ganser not to use their logo. The Universities "just" provided the facility. The problem is that Mr. Ganser is now fishing like above at the AZK, which allows Holocaustdeniers and homophobic rascists a platform. Dr. Ganser did not say one word about this. His google research did not show holocaustdeniers or rascist. They are fighter for peace and thats enough for him.http://www.saiten.ch/hsg-dozent-referiert-bei-sekten-guru/
Thanks for this site and if you are interested I will provide soon more information from Dark Europe.


Vielen Dank fuer die Links. Ganser weiss ganz genau was er macht.


I have listen to Ganser before it is high time for a the world to get told the truth Anybody with just a very small brain should know number 7 did not come down from the wind. i am sure you know about the building in england fire from top to bottom and did not fall its standing now i rest my case.the once that did 911 must be very worried that the truth is coming out. why do we not have a very open investigation to find the truth . that would only do damage to the liar and the deniers would go away


Too bad you have fallen for this charlatan.

Lisa James


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