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October 12, 2015



Your six-degrees-of-Ron-Paul game is most amusing but off base.


You don't have to believe me, but how about the NYTImes?


Also, why is he lending his name and voice to the nut jobs at COMPACT?


Bunch of nuts.


David: I find your missives quite informative. I've been checking up on the German Ron Paul fan club. Working up a press "Wonksplainer" - I can't watch this anymore. It's about time someone pointed their noses in the right direction. Our American counterparts won't be left out of the loop. I have family in Germany. Imagine how enraged I was to discover this Tea Party lunacy being played out in Europe as if it weren't bad enough in the U.S.

I noticed your post at DK (found via search). They simply aren't listening, are they?

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