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November 18, 2015



I prefer another comment (#13)

"Wer am Holocaust heruminterpretiert, der tut dies ja nie in einem irgendwie freien, unschuldigen Raum der wahrheitsverpflichtenden Meinungsbildung bzw. Realitätsannäherung, sondern in klar erkennbarer, weitreichend destruktiver Absicht."

"Whoever keeps on misconstruing the holocaust, doesn't do it in some kind of free and innocent context of truth-obliging opinion forming or reality approaching, but with clearly recognizable, all-out destructive intent."

And this can be seen in the wikipedia entry for Ursula Haverbeck:


Her threats against Charlotte Knobloch amount to "there was no holocaust, and if you jews don't keep quiet, you'll be the victims of the next one".

So this is a fundamental difference (at least in Germany) between holocaust denial and the myriads of other stupid ideas on history.


Agreed, disgusting and hateful speech, but protected under the First Amendment.

Good book on the subject: "Freedom for the Thought We Hate" by Anthony Lewis.



Meanwhile, the smart nazis know well how to deal with the German "fair weather" freedom of expression. It is just a game of words, up to their intellect. They go as far as they can possibly go and then make a grinding halt short before the limits set by German laws: Then, the unspoken becomes the unmistakable. Only stupids will go to jail because of hate speech, Holocaust denials etc. today.
"Achten Sie darauf, was Sie sagen, sonst erteile ich Ihnen eine Arschwitzrüge!" So geht das, nämlich.



Excellent point. The laws against incitement are worthless, since everyone understands the "dog whistles".

When Ken Jebsen and the Pegida speakers shout about the "amerikanische Ostküste" everyone knows they are attacking Jews.

Argus Cronus

Why do you say that "at least 1.1 million Jews were killed" at Aschwitz when this lie has already been proven wrong. Even the International Red Cross has said that, AT MOST (and this is the maximum possible), 275k Jews died (not murdered; died) in all of Nazi Germany, during WWII.


@Argus - yes, and the Apollo Moon Landing was staged in Hollywood.

Take your Nazi lies elsewhere!

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