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November 20, 2015



As far as ISIS is concerned, Trump would probably do more against them than Obama. If the French decide to join Putin in Syria, you know who to blame.


Why won't Germany join the fight against ISIS? Easier to sit on the sideline and point fingers I guess.


It's not about joining the fight, many nations including Germany have done that already. It's about the lead role in that fight. President Hollande will pay a visit to Washington next Tuesday, then to Moscow. He needs substantial results, otherwise Marine Le Pen's Front National might become the winner at the regional elections this december. ISIS is not an amateur terrorist group, as Obama said, and Al Qaeda ist not defeated, as Kerry said.

So what will Obama offer Hollande? For Putin, again, it is a win-win situation. France and other NATO member will be forced to accept Assad as the lesser evil and join or at least tolerate the Russian-Iranian alliance. Putin might even wait for the result of the next elections in France - and Hollande knows it.

It's about Russia or the USA.
Not about Germany.


Let's play politics with people's lives. Always a fun thing to do.

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