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December 13, 2015



"It seems that each day Vladimir Putin's influence on the far-right and far-left in Germany only grows stronger as his German fifth-column gets bigger and bigger."

I wouldn't consider those groups to necessarily be Putin's 5th columnists.
While Hitler surely did benefit from guys like Mussolini having themselves established long before him, he wasn't Mussolini's 5th columnist either, was he? :-)

In your criticism you sound like hardcore Russian patriots getting riled up by the activity of Western organizations in Russia.

How many of the world's leaders are engaged in think tanks associated with the USA?
How many Goethe-institutes and foundations of German political parties operate in the world?

Face it, these are all simply endeavors to further national influence in the world.
All Russia does is to prop up movements in Europe which entertain a similar political stance. There is nothing despicable about it.


Goethe Institute? It promotes German Language and Culture - not conspiracy theories like RT Deutsch and Sputnik.

And the Kremlin is a huge financial backer of Marine LePen's Front National. To me, that's despicable!


A Front National winning French presidency could be a refreshing change in Europe.

I am not a fan of their socialist views, but embedded in a EU consisting out of many countries with similarly minded governments, I think such movements might very well agree to their least common denominator and make Europe strong again with a "Europeans first" attitude.

This would not be a scenario we need to be afraid of. We should always keep in mind what values those people amassing the wealth we enjoy these days in Europe adhered to. Those surely were not the values our current political class entertains today :-)

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