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December 18, 2015



"I can't think of a better explanation for why people would gravitate towards Die Linke, the Afd, to Putin, or to Donald Trump."

There might be a different reason at work:
I am sure most people in Europe are of the opinion that no system is as good at sharing newly acquired wealth during economic boom times across societies as democracy.
However this does not necessarily imply they consider this political system the best one to withstand significant challenges.

For my part I am so sick of established political parties ignoring European interests (or national ones for that matter). Sick of them indulging in "values" that where nowhere to be seen when this great place we know as Europe today blossomed.

It is about time we rediscover the attitude which turned our continent into the realm of riches and civilization we know today. This attitude certainly did not involve development aid and refugee accommodation.
It involved heading out into the world and taking whatever was there to be taken.

When the resolution required to do so cannot be formed by a populace as a whole, we would be better off being governed by few instead of seeing everyone have their try - and fail at global politics.


Identity, nation, value, attitude and similar sophisticated stuff usually are almost meaningless for individuals. Such discussions indicate that common people are afraid of having to pay the bill.


Hey Zyme, Europe "blossomed" when it embraced the Enlightenment and enlightened principles - such as liberal democracy.

Every time Europe abandons those principles it results in tragedy and takes decades to recover.


Don't you think Europe's blossoming had more to do with the riches acquired during the age of colonialism (so roughly from late 15th/early 16th century till mid-20th century)?

The age of enlightenment simply happened to occur during this phase.
And in contrast to its effects on Europe itself, I would assume you agree that its principles were not noticed considerably by subjects in the colonies :-)


I'm sure Europe's blossoming had more to do with high productivity after WWII which would not have been possible without peace and democracy.


KR, I get the feeling we have different things in mind here. What I wanted to describe by blossoming was the phase in which Europe rose from the "Medieval mediocrity" and became the primary spot for wealth, arts and science in the world.

I did not think of the era in which Europeans started to buy fridges and TVs..

The former was perfectly possible without democracy. And hopefully, democracy's biggest merit is not providing the nicest household devices :-)


In the phase you mean enjoying wealth, arts and science was a privilege of very few people.


There seems to be mutual admiration between Putin and Trump.

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