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January 17, 2016



RT is like a rebirth of the notorious "Black Channel", a communist TV propaganda show in the German Democratic Republic. They gathered facts from western media to doctor the absurdest conclusions. This show has never been more than a desparate attempt to make some ground in the propaganda war between the East and the West, but it was only a sermon to the strongest believers, nobody else ever took it serious.

But there is a big difference between RT and the Black Channel, and there is also a big difference between RT and the rest of your roll of conspiracy websites listed above.

RT is unchallenged in the world, we don't see any effort by western nations to confront their state-run desinformation campaigns.

In deed, RT is not a conspiracy site like the other websites you've mentioned. Their job is desinformation and propaganda, conspiracy theories are what their readers, left- and rightwing extremists, tinfoil hatters and paranoid potheads (the Bröckers fanclub) are making of it.

It is a good a good question why the leaders in the West ignore RT's efforts to gain influence and another one how long they can ignore RT.


I toured around the One world trade center shortly before it was finished, so sadly I could not take a closer look inside of it.

While I sympathize with your personal connection to the victims, I would not be so sure whether the time you put into these conspiracy guys is well invested. Sure there are the odd 2-5% who believe all kinds of nonsense. But those exist in every society.
An event with such consequences to world politics as 9/11 is bound to create all kinds of theories, especially when a country's security services failed so miserably at preventing it.

This article however made me smile with regard to Jews in Germany today:


Honestly, the age of enlightenment started off well over 200 years ago. However for some odd reason, those poor fellows still cannot grasp the idea how easy life could be - if they simply removed their funny caps and freed themselves from the bonds of spiritualism :-)


@koogleschreiber - I agree, but perhaps Putin is wasting his rubles:


@Zyme, I believe it is far more than 2-5% in Germany.

Also, Jews wearing the "funny hats" are not being attacked on the street because of their religious beliefs, but because they are Jews.


David I assume you missed my point. Once they would cease to be part of that religion (as millions of Germans ceased to be Christians), they would no longer provide this reason to be attacked.


Again, I disagree.

I know plenty of secular Jews. They are atheist, but are still recognized as Jews and subjected to hate.


Is this the case? But they should no longer be recognizable as such this way, right?

I am simply sick of our state investing resources into backward-minded minorities. To put it blunt: Jews and Muslims shall either assimilate or cut their throats elsewhere if they like for all I care.


I recommend the "Neue Rheinische Zeitung": "US-Offizielle behaupten, dass die Angriffe von 19 Al-Qaida-Terroristen ausgeführt wurden, aber viele Experten haben Fragen über die offiziellen Berichte hinaus gestellt. Sie glauben, dass Schurkenelemente innerhalb der US-Regierung, wie z.B. auch Vizepräsident Cheney, zusammen mindestens zum 9/11-Angriff ermutigt haben, um die US-Kriegsmaschine zu beschleunigen und die zionistische Agenda voran zu bringen." http://www.nrhz.de/flyer/beitrag.php?id=22176

Onivido Kurt

There are still fools and cynics al over the world who claim that 9/11 was the unaided work of terrorist. They stubournly neglect the facts.


telepolis on one list with kopp verlag? distiction is not one of you strengths. but what could you expect of putin loving trump voters.

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