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January 26, 2016



Fährt ein Holzfäller durch den Wald, den Anhänger voll mit Baumstämmen. Da sieht er Oskar Lafontaine am Weg stehen, der im zuwinkt. Er hält an und Oskar fragt: "Darf ich mitfahren?" Der Holzfäller antwortet: "Ja, setzt Dich hinten ganz ans Ende, ich brauch da sowieso noch einen roten Lumpen."


...einen hab ich noch.

Was heißt Phimose auf Plattdeutsch?


Onivido Kurt

the rape most probably is a fake, but the demands of the protester are justified and mirror the real situation.
And dealing with propaganda. The whole European mainstream press is nothing but USA propaganda . A little bit of counter propaganda might help Europeans to use their brains.


Maybe you can explain how printing blatant lies "might help Europeans to use their brains."


comparing lies from both sides and trying to find independent info on the subject


I don't suppose at all our media is controlled from abroad. Sure every bigger power like Russia or USA tries to influence it, but Germans do it in other countries as well - so what.

However our media is full of people whose mission seems to keep this country under control. Whenever that control starts to fall apart like after the cologne incident, I feel such joy :)

Ultimately we might have to endure this unpatriotic brainwash for as long as the BRD continues. Once we live in a country valuing it interests above those of others again, this treacherous propaganda will become a thing of the past and will make everyone looking back shake his/her head in disbelief.


"Once we live in a country valuing it interests above those of others again, ..."
In the last century Germany tried to do so twice. Next time the result will be the same.



"as long as the BRD continues."

Was kommt danach? Noch ein tausendjähriges Reich??

Onivido Kurt

What USA needs (struggles) to avoid at ALL COSTS.Eurasian Federation


David, die französische Republik beispielsweise hat bereits mehrere Häutungen hinter sich (wo sind wir aktuell, in der fünften?).

Es muss sich einfach das System langsam wieder neu erfinden. Danach sind alle in die DNA der aktuellen BRD einprogrammierten Belastungen Geschichte.


KR: You are of course free to have this opinion. Others might think so as well.

However this should not keep us Germans from doing what practically every other country does as well: Struggle for its interests long before considering others.

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