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February 08, 2016



This is a serious critique,however. Why shouldn't I hide assets and invest in companies like Coca Cola instead of paying my fair share of taxes? Microsoft sets a bad example here.


Moin! David, again: Are U kidding me? TELEPILLEPALLE = left wing? Come on.



The Gates Foundation does not hide assets. It has a 501(3)C tax-exempt status.

Microsoft Corporation also does not hide assets. The problem is the US Tax Code; companies that repatriate off-shore profits are subject to a 38% tax - the highest in the world. So Microsoft - and every other US multinational - is acting rationally by keeping cash offshore.

As a Microsoft shareholder, I am pleased that the company has increased its dividend every year, on which I pay personal income tax- money the US Treasury otherwise would not have received.

Anstatt “Links”, wie wär’s mit “Rinks”?? :) 


Well, my daughter was employed for years at Microsoft but recently changed jobs. It's an empire. If that is OK with people, so be it.


Empires rise and fall. In Silicon Valley Microsoft is seen as a dinosaur.

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