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February 19, 2016



I am pretty sure this will make it into international news ;-)


You seem to be amused.


I am, albeit not for reasons you may assume.

I hope our political class gets the message: what we see here is a singular occasion today, however it is like we look through a window into the future.

Once the German economy cools down, this will become a widespread outcome. Our political class can either get their act together or suffer the consequences a ton of such occasions will generate abroad.

From an anthropological point of view I simply can't help but to smile when thinking of what little amount of the correctness our politicians pray every day really remains with the population, once you remove the carpet :D

And if it makes illegals think twice about coming to Germany, it will also lessen our burdens.


"illegals" - is that what the women and children on he bus are?

But I fear you may be right, Zyme. The future belongs to Donald Trump, Marine LePen and - on a smaller scale - Frauke Petry.


According to Dublin regulations, they are all in our country illegally, yes.

David, are you aware which occasions prompted the German government in the 90s to endorse the Dublin-regulations?

The same message is delivered by those pictures. However I'm afraid Merkel will cling to her post not unlike Maggie Thatcher did.

Citizens (or Merkel's party soldiers ahead of it) will have to drag her out of her office.
Thinking of party soldiers: Oh if we still had a Praetorian Guard, this would at least end in a well deserved and very satisfactory fashion.


@zyme - be careful, you seem to be advocating some sort of violent overthrow. There are other (Nazi) blogs that are more appropriate for such comments.


And here I was marveling at the beauty of ancient Roman politics :-)

But of course it would be unfair to advocate a violent overthrow today.
After all, back in those days unpopular leaders perfectly knew what was at stake when they went too far.


Besorgte Burger makes me laugh! Do they take them to McDonald's?

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