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March 15, 2016



I think the controversy in the Republican Party about Donald Trump is more interesting than Trump himself. Will the GOP nominate Trump or not? If they do, the triumph of the Tea Party could change the GOP forever. If they steal the nomination from Trump he is still on the ballot and not the GOP nominee. The coming RNC will be extremly interesting.


The Donald is telling him to stick it where the sun don't shine.


@koogleschreiber -

I think this is the end of the GOP. Trump has destroyed the party. What comes next? No idea!


Again as a person from the other side of the Atlantic, it is hard to understand what beef the conservative establishment has with Trump.

I mean I get the point he is rather rough in his rhetoric and in some cases is far away from typically conservative positions. But what makes him a no-go for those people so that observers consider it possible they will not nominate him even if he wins the primaries? Why would they care so much when he might make it to presidency with their support?

Maybe I am too much used to German politics where power always trumps ideology..


I'm just keeping it real. That is how Trump would most likely reply. And your picture of him makes the point.

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