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March 05, 2016



Lipset's theory of the "extremism of the middle" seems to be up to date.


Thanks for mentioning Seymour Lipset. It made me go back to his book "It Didn't Happen Here: Why Socialism failed in the United States." It provides a good explanation for why Bernie Sanders' campaign is doomed to failure.


"It provides a good explanation for why Bernie Sanders' campaign is doomed to failure."

But am I ever going to Stand With Hillary? Hell, no!


Could you elaborate on why Sanders is doomed to failure? It isn't easy to get a realistic perception from the outside.

Regarding the violence in Germany, I would say the reason for that is rather simple and immediately becomes evident when you compare the German political landscape to its neighboring countries:
While in all countries around Germany there is a political representation on a national level for everyone "right" wing, none exists in Germany. Instead all German parties represented on a national level pursue rather leftist policies.

Imagine ALL members of Congress meeting to discuss in detail how the second amendment can be replaced/abolished and they only diverge concerning petty details - not a single member wants it untouched. Imagine most of the American media concertedly condemning all weapons owners as barbarians no reasonable person should listen to.
How would Americans react?

However lunatic such a situation may seem to Americans, this is what happens in Germany regarding the refugee crisis.
Whenever a significant part of the society is without any representation, violence is bound to erupt.
At the same time, our mostly Merkel-subservient media sure does not help to extinguish the flames.


Sanders made the mistake of calling himself a "democratic socialist" instead of "social democrat". He has never been a member of the Democratic Party. If, by some miracle, he wins the Democrat nomination for US president, he will be savaged as a socialist by the Republicans. Even though Sanders' proposals are very moderate, most Americans automatically reject anything with the "socialist" label.

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