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April 07, 2016



Ana Owens got it perfectly right, countries like the USA or Germany offer so much opportunities to avoid or reduce taxes that only stupids or criminals would go for exotic tax havens. Which makes me wonder why truthers don't realize the real dimension of the Panama Papers: Political corruption. But of course, this would be a rare issue in the leading industrial nations, if there is any at all. Again, the truthers would find their political idols leading the ranks. So there's nothing to see here, move along? Not for the real truther :P

I hope the Panama Papers provide enough details on drug and arms dealers, terrorist organisations and their financial transactions. On the other side, I'm quite surprised that this scoop was made by journalists and not by secret services like the NSA. A huge chunk of the 11 million documents is emails. One might think, the NSA already knows them.


Koogleschreiber, maybe US officials were simply as "keen" as the German ministry of finance to uncover it all? :-)

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