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April 14, 2016



There is another law in the German Criminal Code: §90 STGB, which makes denigrating the German President a crime punishable up to 5 years in prison, because it is endangering the democratic rule of law. This criminal code also includes the Federal Republic of Germany and its constitutional bodies.

It would have been interesting if Boehmermann had taken the German President to illustrate the limits of satire, which is his specious justification.

Freedom of speech doesn't justify everything, at least in Germany. For example, it is forbidden to publish how to build explosive devices. Even if you flag it as satire and always say things like 'don't mix ammonium nitrate with diesel, never place a detonator' it would be clear for everyone that this is a description how to do it.

Boehmermann willingly doubled down on this issue and he knows the risk. He insulted a muslim leader, the tabloids and the public opinion are on his side (no brainer). Maybe, things will not come his way at last. Can Boehmermann himself stand a joke if it's on him?


Now we witness what becomes of a government which maneuvered itself into total dependency of another nation...
This embarressment of a chancellor must go.

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