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April 21, 2016



Of course people should be willing to risk their lives for their country, especially when they have no other roots in it.

Now you could say that makes me a Schmittian ;-)
But was that concept truely his invention?

It reminds me a lot of Roman imperial politics. Remember when you critizised me for wanting a Praetorian Guard to resolve our leadership crisis? This is what they did in times of need - find a true leader and remove all powerful opposition.

This system may be cruel and hard at times. However it makes absolutely sure your country will never end up with a failure like Merkel.


"remove all powerful opposition"

You mean not by the ballot box but by murder?


Zyme, can you give us an example, when the Roman Praetorian Guard resolved a leadership crisis by finding a true leader and removing all powerful opposition?

And please note it can't be Claudius. He was a true leader, but that was not what the Praetorian Guard was looking for, and there wasn't any strong opposition to be removed.


Not being a historian, I faintly remember that from 180AD onwards most emperors were either installed by military force or based their authority mostly on it, which is what I hinted at above. Surely this does not always generate great stability. However it makes sure you have no weaklings at the top who are unable to defend your realm's interests.

David, no this did not include wearing down ballot boxes :-D

While I believe many issues can be resolved by using ballot boxes, one precondition necessary for this to work vanishes in the German society (and many other European ones):

It is only natural that politicians worry about their own future at least as much as they worry about their country. Now when you get re-elected every 4 or 5 years, you will of course focus primarily on measurements which increase your chances on the next election date.
Politicians act otherwise only, when the majority of the population is young and demands a better future. Once most of the electorate are old, all they worry about is generous pensions and health care.


If more people insisted on social security instead of ranting about imaginary "German interests" it would be better for all.

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