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June 06, 2016



That sounds like a fascinating museum. I was five when the war in the Pacific ended, really too young to know what was going on, even though my father was in the Army. Later on in college I studied the history of the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich.
I think all of us who look at things from the U.S. perspective don't know enough about the hideous sacrifices of the Soviet Union, who were the ones who stopped the Nazis.
Another "unknown" aspect is how WWII doomed the British Empire, as they lost their colonies in Asia. In a real sense, Great Britain lost WWII.


Hattie, my Dad is also a WWII veteran (still living), so I've always been fascinated by the war.

BTW, much of the museum collection has been digitized and can be accessed here: http://www.ww2online.org/


It is a bit depressing to read that New Orleans still seems to be coined so greatly by the hurricane. I was in the city three years ago and assumed the aftermath would be done with shortly.

I recall a small town close to New Orleans where people had left statues in a church untouched which had been moved by the flood. People were more than willing to share their sad stories of the event which was already 8 years in the past then.



I strongly recommend the HBO series "Treme" which is about post-Katrina New Orleans.

I believe it is available streaming on Amazon.de


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