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July 24, 2016



And this reminds me of what I don't understand:

As we all fully know what happens to religious minorities in Europe once their popularity sinks below a certain threshold, why do the Muslim fanatics really believe they will spread their faith with terror strikes in the long run?


@zyme, tut mir Leid,aber den Zusammenhang sehe ich nicht.


Zyme, I also regard your posting as off-topic, but I think the 'Muslim fanatics' want to provoke a new war (i.e. a huge international intervention) in the Middle East, which they would label as a crusade. History shows this would motivate the 'Arabic Street' against the west. More and more politicians in Europe say we are at war with islamist terrorism - but no war can be won as long as you leave the initiative to the enemy. More police, more public surveillance won't bring victory.


Yes I agree with you that police and surveillance won't bring victory.

What I wanted to indicate is that the route Islamists are going leads them (and others of their belief) directly into community shower rooms if you know what I mean.

It would diminish their hold in Europe greatly, so antagonizing Europeans can't be in their interest, can it?


@Zyme, if you're somehow equating the situation with the Muslim minority in Germany with that of the Jews then you are making a false analogy. The persecution of the Jews had nothing to do with their faith. Rather it was the result of a sick racial ideology propagated by the Nazis and embraced by tens of millions of Germans.

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