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August 27, 2016



I'm hoping that Clinton so soundly defeats Trump that the U.S. far right is totally demoralized. She could proceed without having to make any concessions to the right at all. She's got all her own people, a huge base. And with the Senate and the Supreme Court under control, I think we'd be OK.
About Europe, I'm not so sure. But surely they don't want more blood in the streets, and they have to be thinking about that in connection with Neo-Nazis, even as they worry about Muslim terrorists.


"even as they worry about Muslim terrorists."

Not if we lock suspects up in time. Occupying thousands of policemen for observing them 24/7 is not sustainable. However once the switch is turned on and detainment areas are surrounded by electricity holding them off from wrongdoings, we should be fine.
Oh and the rest of refugees should be exported like Australia did.

Once that happened, you don't need to worry about the political mood in Europe anymore :-)


///Ben Shapiro///

Just another conservative scared of a monster he helped to create - like Hans-Olaf Henkel:



///However once the switch is turned on and detainment areas are surrounded by electricity holding them off from wrongdoings...///

This dream reminds me of this:



Politics now is becoming more like of a circus. Seriously, we don't need any of these hate portals.

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