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August 19, 2016



Now I wouldnt go so far as bring her into relationship with white people in total.

However concerning how she deals with furthering the interests of Germany (as her utmost responsibility in this role), she is a traitor for sure.

Can you name one German leader who has actively sabotaged the economic and social future of his/her country in similar fashion in the hopes of remaining in power? I couldnt think of even one!


> I couldnt think of even one!
I'm sure you cannot.


> I couldnt think of even one!<

I assume this was meant in sarcasm?!


OT - Moin! Euer 2 Lights ist heute im SPIEGEL



Danke, hab' gesehen. Two Lights ist zwei Kilometer von meinem Haus.


Merkel is a heroic individual. I have nothing but respect for her. I've been going around coaching my friends on how to say her name correctly.

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