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September 02, 2016


R. Wolfram

Of course - how can it be otherwise - Putin did it, once more:


For anyone who wants to know something about the real problem why the right-wing parties grow everywhere, not only in MacPomm, this article is recommended:


"Statt über eine neue Aufklärung zu sinnieren, mögen sich die intellektuellen Leistungsträger der Mühe unterziehen, den Müll der Gegenaufklärung aus ihren Köpfen zu entsorgen. Dieser Müll ist der Nährboden der rechten Verführer:"

Meant are people like you and such unbeleaveable dangerous propagandistic journalists of New York Times or in Germany of Spiegel, FAZ, Die Welt, WDR, ARD and so on.

But this is probably too complicated for readers of the New York Times and people like you, which prefer a very simple view to the world.


I can't see why we would have a problem with right wing parties gaining a bigger footprint :-)

Have you checked recent polls in Austria concerning the presidential election? :-D


But now the NPD is fading, because there is another party, which succeeds better in disguising its extremistic tendencies.

Udo Pastörs: "Schauen Sie sich Herrn Höcke an. Der kopiert meine Reden, fischt am rechten Rand, und ich gehe für meine Reden ins Gefängnis. (...) Die Stärkung für Deutschland wäre, beide Parteien reinzubringen. Die NPD und die AfD. Wir als Kontrolleure der AfD, dass sie auch auf Spur bleiben." ("Look at Mr Höcke! He's copying my speeches, fishing for far-right votes, and I go to jail for what I say. (...) Germany would be stronger, if both parties get elected into the parliament. The NPD and the AfD. We as watchdogs of the AfD, so that they will stay on course.")



@sol1 - Genau - Neonazis in Nadelstreifen!

@Wolfram - I confess that I prefer the NYTimes, SZ, and Spiegel over RTDeutsch,Junge Freiheit and Neues Deutschland.

Maybe I'm just too dense to grasp the awesomeness of Vladimir Putin...


The higher the participation at the polls, the better for the big established parties and the worse for the extremists or something...
Oh wait... surprise.


Glad to see that the SPD is still capable of winning (somewhere).


Hm... the SPD has won -5 %. A doubleplusgood result, isn't it?


They sound just like their American counterparts. There they are in some safe and boring burg complaining about black drug dealers in the big city.


Insinuating any equivalency between Hitler and Putin is a stretch, even for you.


Gee, I'm very sorry if I insulted your favorite dictator.


He's your favorite scapegoat.


Right. Nothing to be concerned about. He's only HACKING OUR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.


Are you afraid of an october surprise concerning Hillary's emails? Imagine she did something criminal and it would be made public! In deed, lower ranks would go to jail if they treated classified documents like Hillary did on her private mail server. Needless to say you don't have to tell Putin that laws are only for the little people.


" they treated classified documents like Hillary "

The operative word is "classified". Reviewed by the FBI and exonerated.


Nevertheless the State Department insists releasing Clinton emails before election is ‘simply physically impossible.’ On the other hand, Julian Assange announced to release as many as 100,000 pages of new material related to Hillary Clinton in the next 2 weeks.- Putin's highest interest is creating chaos in the U.S.A., an october surprise is not so unlikely as you might wish.


I hope for Trump to win.

If he abandons Nato committments and pulls US forces out of Europe, there is so much good that would come of it. US influence would dwindle and with the Americans gone, to which capital would all the Eastern European buffer-states look to, when being afraid of Russia?

They would become as forthcoming and supportive towards German influence as they have never been before. All of them - maybe apart from Belarus :-)


"They would become as forthcoming and supportive towards German influence as they have never been before."

What German influence? Germany is a export powerhouse but a military basket case.


Then go ahead and analyze the capabilities of Latvia, Estonia or Slovakia.

Who else may back them up once US troops are gone?

Unlike any other region, Eastern Europe is fully aware of Germany's potential once it has properly geared up.


> Who else may back them up once US troops are gone?
No one. Germany will still foster its exports.


Zyme, you apparently haven't understood yet that the government is on Capitol Hill and not in the White House and as far as foreign affairs are concerned, Donald Trump doesn't have a majority even within his own party. The USA will not abandon NATO commitments and I am quite sure that Trump wouldn't even try to do that.

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