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November 21, 2016



The Cult of Tradition is point #1 on Umberto Eco's rubric of Ur-Fascism. Eco also had some choice words regarding Julius Evola. http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1995/06/22/ur-fascism/


Correct me if I'm wrong. Is Bannon saying fascism is a good thing?


Well whatever one thinks of Breitbart, our current media is so heavily one-sided that I cannot see what evil an outlet biased in the other direction could cause.

Merkel is a different story. Abusing national property and jeopardizing borders to such an extent is treason and that must not go unpunished.

Her firewall is the current political conglomerate. Should it fall one day, she will be well advised to flee.


" that must not go unpunished"

What do you have in mind, Zyme. The gallows?



Plenty would be willing to put that in action I suppose. And if it came to that, why should one mind?

What kind of an example would you set if this goes unpunished? Why should anybody pay federal taxes for a complete sellout of the taxpayer's interests?
A government not being helpful is one thing, this however is active treason.


...and these are just "traditional" salutes:



"Why should anyone pay federal taxes?"

you sound more and more like a Reichsbürger.


Because I expect an added value from the government?

It is very simple: I fall into top percentage taxation and this is what I get. Last I checked this country was not called Greece, so I upkeep the insolence of expecting something in return.

When in return I get punched in the face, you will not expect me to be show much mercy at the puncher's downfall.

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