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December 06, 2016



As far as I know economists worry about low productivity growth rates: http://blog.zeit.de/herdentrieb/files/2014/07/Produktivitaet_gl-10J-Mittel_US_JP_DE.gif


The challenge to find meaningful work may grow. However it does not need to be the end.

Look at agriculture: once the primary domain for the bulk of population, this job motor was lost forever due to technological progress requiring ever fewer people.

New kinds of employment came up nobody could think of beforehand. I would assume it is the same here.
The only difference being that in the future, education and intelligence will be crucial in contrast to physical strength.


Education won't help this time.

Re-read what Khosla wrote:

"Education was one method for humans to leverage technology as it evolved and improved. However, if machine learning technologies become superior in both intelligence and the knowledge relevant to a particular job, human employees may be rendered unnecessary or in the very least, they will be in far less demand and command lower pay."


Well that may be very far into the future. It is always the lesser educated which will be caught first. You appear to expect a dystopia :-)


Not so far in the future, Zyme,

Have you visited a BMW assembly plant recently? What happened to all the (human) workers?

Big companies like Kodak (formerly 200,000 employees) are being driven out of business by tiny start-ups like Instagram (30 employees). What happens to all the displaced workers?

This week Amazon opened it first "supermarket" : zero checkout workers.



Let's have a look at the number of BMW employees:


"I always get the shakes before I... drive."
When will military robots become a threat? I don't mean drones, I mean robot boots on the ground. Armed forces would lose their historic function as catch basin for the social disadvantaged.

We shouldn't be surprised when this process will be cushioned by the legalization of soft drugs. It could be cheaper (and more profitable) than the increase of repression necessary to control the unemployed population.


Interesting analysis, Koogleschreiber! Just like the drug 'Soma' in Huxley's "Brave New World"

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