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December 10, 2016



I'm not sure Russia (the Kremlin) hacked the US election. Before the backgound of the recent foreign policy under Obama's watch Russia would have many reasons to support Hillary Clinton. Helping Trump to become president could backfire heavily. As far as Russia is concerned he could favour a Reagan style confrontation. If ever, Russia's goal could have been to spread political unrest and inner problems in the USA. They wouldn't have to hack the elections risking the attack to be traced back. Launching rumours they could have done that, spiced with postfactical opinions would do the same or more.


Calling RT Putin's RT is like calling PBS Obama's PBS.


Are you saying that Obama has dictatorial control over PBS like Putin does over the Russian media? You should inform yourself about press freedom (or lack thereof) in Russia.


That's my point: Obama doesn't have "dictatorial control" over PBS. And Putin doesn't have "dictatorial control" over RT.


Too bad you're a sucker for Kremlin propaganda. It's a nightmare watching half of America longing for Trump/Putin regime.

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