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January 18, 2017



Quiz: Who said it - Höcke or Hitler?



Oh my goodness. Did you really think this will go on forever?

The approach you desire had its time. Plenty of it. You cannot expect a nation to look back forever. At some point you have to ask who benefits from this ongoing doctrine. It certainly isn't the majority of the populace. So let's get this over with.


"Wer sich nicht an die Vergangenheit erinnern kann, ist dazu verdammt, sie zu wiederholen." - Jorge Augustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana


I'm afraid there mere possibility of repetition is not good enough to justify an omnipresent doctrine. And Höcke is right when he says this is in effect directed against our own people.

When others think badly of Germany or seek compensation, that is their business. We shouldn't encourage them.


Well, at least your Nazis are young and good looking.



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