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February 12, 2017



I don't like him either.

As Foreign Minister, most of the time he was busy being "worried and very concerned". In contrast to that, sometimes also was "concerned and very worried". I guess this sums up his activities in the last few years.

Come to think of it, based on that he actually may be the perfect fit for his new role! :-D


"concerned and very worried" :)

Do you think there is still a role for president?


Could you rephrase? Not sure I see what you mean.


I meant, is the office superfluous? Seems to me, Germany no longer needs a Bundespräsident.


I see. We don't need a great many things from our current system. The Bundespräsident certainly is part of that category.

Another would be the numbers in our parliament. Regarding our trusted Parteisoldaten (I don't think US members of parliament would be fond of being called "party soldiers"):
How many votes in parliament would be different if the 600+ MPs were made redundant and each party in there would have only 1 representative, who would be awarded the equivalent of the percentage his/her party received in the last general elections?

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