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June 18, 2017



Yes, yes. My own conclusion after studying the history of the Weimar Republic was that the Communists, through their unwillingness to cooperate with the Socialists and moderates, instead of working in solidarity to stop the Nazis, bore a large responsibility for the triumph of the Hitler regime.
The cold war pro-Communist propaganda of Berkeley leftists is a big embarrassment, too, me, too. My parents were taken in by that, and so was I, thinking that anti-Stalinists were just propagandists. How we ate all that up, and how little it did for anybody's good, including our own.
Now we are dealing with "far left" diehards who can't give up those dear old ideas that they (and I) grew up with, and they are severely damaging the Democratic Party. And for what? They will never hold power, and because of them we are stuck with Trump and his crazies. You'd think the election would have taught them a lesson. But no.
Yes, I blame them. They should know better. They should stop being so full of themselves.
It's hard for people to let go, to understand how the world has changed. We have to be realistic!


You might want to look at Dialog International, a blog on my sidebar, that discusses Wagenknecht.


OOps. Second comment is a mistake!

R. Wolfram

Have a look on the misearble condition of the SPD today and you have to give Sarah Wagenknecht (and the cited Stalin and Thälmann) logically all right.

Wagenknecht is a very straigt foreward intelectual person and we need such in the politics again. She is allowed to argue this way without exposing herself to the suspicions that the victims of the Stalinist period would not care.

What you are doing here is a new McCarthyism, which has been induced and widely spreaded by the Clinton-network since they have been caught up in crimes against political opponents like Berny Sanders.


Wagenknecht's message only seems to resonate with a few disaffected intellectuals in the West and some older voters in the East nostalgic for the DDR and the Stasi. I'll be surprised if the Left Party achieves 8% in the national election.

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Why do you pull out this old story from 1992 and conceal all the democratic work Wagenknecht has done since?


What "democratic work"?

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