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July 15, 2017



Have you ever seen police officers punching 14yrs old girls in the face and then retreat back to their ranks? I did and will never forget that. The mad dogs are on both sides of the barricades, but only half of them gets paid, lol.


The other half are getting BAföG. lol


The summit.

- First of all I like the thought that Angela's stage didn't spread the expected glamour. So much was written ahead of the summit, how she would use the world stage to present herself in the best possible light to the German electorate, smoothly glide to the elections and take it home..
All vaporized.

- Certainly Hamburg suffered from it, but which parts did most? The very neighbors of the extremists paid the price, which might not serve well to strengthen their solidarity.

- Policemen paid a price as well, right. They will remember, and they won't forget what kind equipment drove the violent mob off.

- The mob's moment of triumph turned bitter when for the first time (after far too much time) discussions began on shutting Rote Flora down.

- It also unmasked a good deal of left wing politicians among the Green Party as well as the SPD. Not to speak of the mob's ambassadors among the Left Party.
How to criticize the likes of Pegida, when years of their demonstrations do not pile up as much of destruction than one night of leftists cut loose does?

So what is not to like about the outcome of the summit? I can only see plenty of promising signals.



I'm not following why you are pleased about the outcome.

From the post-G20 polls I've seen, the only party that gained any points is the CDU (maybe also the FDP a bit).

Your friends in the AfD may not even make it into the Bundestag!

rochie rosie

What logic? ... probably you mean the complete lack of it!

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