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July 22, 2017


andreas kaserer

Verwöhnte Muttersöhnchen
Das war es nicht was ER meinte mit rasse
Hart und vor allen Dinge fähig alleine für sich zu sorgen nicht bei Mama oder sozial Amt


Wer ist ER??

Ach ja, jetzt weiss ich.


This reminds me of what I keep hearing from South Africans (with European origin) moving to Europe. The theme always evolves around this:

"Our country went from first to third world in just 30 years. Now that we cannot take it anymore and move to this place, we cannot believe you guys are going the same route"



I'll take refugees from Africa any day over those tattooed, obese, Nazi freaks that showed up in Themar...


Hart und vor allen Dinge fähig...

In SEINEM KDF Wagen konnten bis zu vier Herrenmenschen bequem platznehmen.


The YouTube link is dead - here's an alternative one:



"I'll take refugees from Africa any day over those tattooed, obese, Nazi freaks that showed up in Themar..."

Of course anybody would. The real question is why are they refugees in the first place.

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