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October 22, 2017



So not many are listening to what refugees have to tell. And they cannot start to work when they arrive. To top it off, (beyond the mild liabilities within our public budgets) they tend to be invisible!
Having built up such an amount of guilt as a society, is it hopeless already or shall we at least try to correct such levels of inhuman treatment?

I have an idea! Eastern Europeans tend to be very hospitable and festive people.
Let us free the refugees from their harsh fate in the country of darkness and see them safely to the East.

I have full faith the governments there will know how to handle the situation. In virtually any country to the east.
I bet they also know how to make refugees more visible and will listen very closely to what they have to tell - before deporting back to wherever they came from :-)


In case you felt hurt by the above posting, I am sorry about it.

Wouldn't you agree that refugees enjoy a '9 out of 10' situation in Germany today?
You act as if it is a bloody shame we do not achieve 10.

What you don't seem to realize is, once we finally move away from the current 9, looking at the rest of Europe I would say there is a good chance we end up with a totally different number.


According to the data I've seen, hatred of refugees is greatest in eastern states like Sachsen where there are hardly any refugees, or places like Salzgitter where there are none.

Ignorance breeds fear and hate.


It is not about hatred David.

It is about the investment and its (lack of) of return.

Does seeing refugees everyday when I walk out of my door make it any easier?

We are spending sums the US required to order all their aircraft carriers - year after year.
This is where our government likes to keep the people in ignorance about.

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