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November 15, 2017



I always have to smile when people in earnest start to discuss whether the christian faith movements would have any impact on such matters.

The truth is directly in front of us, yet so few do see it:

How does an organization like the catholic church survive 2000 years?
By taking a strong position, only to be swept away after the next revolution? Certainly not.

They survive, because they always adapt to the currently ruling ideology.
As long as that ideology is barely tolerating them, they live on and keep strutting how well-behaved they are.

When fascists make short work of Jews, they applaud to Luther, who had already warned against them. When anti-fascists rule, they underscore how much they believe in love and light candles for refugees.

And when right to the East at the same time churches in Poland and Hungary readily support anti-refugee sentiments, our media is surprised?

Give me a break!
The churches are a nonentity, not worth spending any thought on.


Well I've always taken to heart the distinction Bohnhoeffer makes in "Nachfolge" between "Cheap Grace" ("billige Gnade") and "Costly Grace" ("teuere Gnade")

The church you criticize offers its members Cheap Grace - hence the lack of influence or efficacy.

One reason Bonhoeffer - as mentioned in my post - came to envision a "religionsloses Christentum".

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