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November 04, 2017



I believe you are missing the point here:

When a country keeps nearly the combined rest of the developed world busy for several years and stands on the brink of success, there must have been tremedous military achievements in both occassions. Completely regardless of what was enabled by these successes.

That is the point they are making here: Recognition of military achievements, separated by all additional events. So you could calm down about it :-)


What if all that technical know-how and energy had been used to advance humanity instead of slaughtering tens of millions of people? the only "achievement" was the ruin of Germany's great cities and total destruction across the continent - in the name of some sort of perverse racial ideolögy. THAT is spposed to be a source of pride?


It is about separating military from politics.

Also you will have a tough time separating German approach from the same on its opposing side in the first world war.

So AfD are attacking the dogma that nothing in first half of 20th century is worth admiring due to political actions within one dozen years.

You will not like it, however I see this as a completely valid position. We have seen the alternate approach for a few decades now and nothing helpful comes out of it.


Heil Hitler

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