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November 18, 2017


R. Wolfram

You cite an dubious article from the CIA controlled troll medium DIE ZEIT. But Schröder speaks for the majority in Germany but not for the so called "Transatlantic Elites" who have the goal to sell us their stupid fracking gas and therefore make a lot of trouble here in europe to prevent North Stream.

If North Stream comes, we have the choice to buy stupid american fracking gas or solid russian pipeline gas. And we can choise the cheapest.

That ist "Free Market", That is "Competition". That ist "Globalisation" at it's best. That is the opposite of dependence from russia, what transatlantic lobbyists like you insist.


" CIA controlled troll medium DIE ZEIT" - and the moon-landing was also faked by Hollywood. And Soros and Rothschild started WWII.

You expose yourself as a "Verschwoerungs-Idiot".

R. Wolfram

I think the biggest conspiracy theorists are those who constantly scream "Putin did it"


@ Wolfram, them stupid Americans keep on fracking gas because they don't know how they can get it from pipelines??? Don't they have such pipelines themselves?

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