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April 03, 2018



Three weeks ago I was in Munich, where "Pegida Dresden" had less than 200 supporters with more than 2000 people on the other side:


And last week in Bremen the AfD gathered for a march only eight people:



That's very encouraging news, sol1.


"If even a vibrant city like Leipzig is slowly becoming contaminated with this thinking, how soon before this hateful ideology is no longer just an eastern German phenomenon?"

Sure, why couldn't those rural Saxons embrace the peaceful spirit of Hamburgs citoyens:

But don't despair, May 1st is just around the corner.
By taking the temperature we will be able to verify first hand whether we linger in the heat of a cosmopolitan metropolis.

Now that we have started to count participants, you might want to watch the counter of this initiative:
I think we will hear more of that.


Any declaration signed by Eva Herman is defacto idiotic.


Not even Cicero is happy about erklaerung2018.de:



You do realize that both your responses create the impression you do not want to evaluate yourself and instead look for an excuse for not having to do so?


Why should I care which strange impressions are created in the mind of an anonymous internet scribbler?


As an American, I can't understand this fear and loathing of immigrants. I'm married to the daughter of one.

Seems to me, only mass immigration can save Saxony and the other (depopulated) eastern states.


You could think the same about Japan. Do they open the gates and flood society as a result of a declining population?

There is simply no reason to do so and it is time that we do something about it.

The influx will be turned off eventually and the illegals deported.
It's just so sad we will have to through an economic downturn before a critical mass will demand it.
Solving the issue today would be much less painful for everyone involved.


/// 250 Merkel-Gegner standen sich 1200 Gegendemonstranten gegenüber

Diesmal waren es rund 1200 Menschen, die sich den „besorgten Bürgern“ gegenüberstellten. Beim Gegenprotest herrschte eine gute und friedliche Stimmung. Mit Chören wie „Es gibt kein Recht auf Nazi-Propaganda“ versammelten sich Gegendemonstranten aus allen Altersgruppen auf dem Dammtordamm – eine Gruppe hielt beispielsweise Schilder mit der Aufschrift „Omas gegen Rechts“ in die Höhe. ///


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