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April 24, 2018



An interesting question indeed, how come the different perception of the US and Russia?

It might have something to do with the same mechanism, which makes people sympathize with an underdog when watching a sports match:

Russia is seen as a political power massively declined after the Cold War and thus its acts of aggression are perceived partially as a nation struggling to regain is proper place. You might call it honorable ambition.

The US on the other hand, just like the British before them, is seen as having the capability to operate its military around the globe, and since it makes ample use of it, the US is considered the major threat to world peace.
Such a power makes its influence felt on many theaters and people are saturated by its mere appearance, wishing it gone.
As a result, they will criticize it, wherever its impact becomes visible.

Neighbor Bob

It's looking more like the "chemical attack" was fake or a deep state attempt to trap the U.S. in the region. How odd that both times there was a "chemical attack", it occurred shortly after President Trump declared he wanted to pull American troops out of Syria... There's more going on here than what you see on the surface.

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