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March 27, 2019


Henry vK

Could have been an interesting little piece, but it ends with a tu-quoque which, at this point in time, must be tired beyond death:

"For the time being German political leaders like Oscar Lafontaine and Sara Wagenknecht will continue to use their iPhones to post anti-American screeds on Facebook and Twitter - while watching episodes of Breaking Bad on their iPads."

The very iPhones and iPads that are produced in nominally communist China? Shouldn't Wagenknecht be okay with that? Watching a show whose premise hinges on the ineffectiveness and failure of the supposedly superior free-market US healthcare system? Maybe there is a point to German anti-americanism after all?


Well, Apple is an iconic American brand, and it's highly ironic that Oscar and Sahra use American devices and American social media platforms to attack America.

Also, very few Americans believe the US healthcare system is "superior". Hence the mass appeal of "Medicare for All".

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