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June 12, 2021



We already have the highest electricity prices in Europe, but according to the Greens, this is not enough. Energy prices must hurt, they simply can't be too high. The defenseless victims would be the working poor and those with a low income. Of course the Greens also have interesting ideas about future house building and guess who will pay for it at last? A nice way to tax those whose income can not be taxed because it's too low... In fact, it is the affluent bourgeoisie that can afford to sympathize with the ideas of the Greens. Bored dentist wives, entrepreneurs with an esoteric touch and of course civil servants and, among them, especially the teachers. Baerbock for chancellor? God help us all.


Daily Struggle at Bild:


Tim McCann

Western domocracies are going to have to find a way to defeat the Russian troll factories and the ransomware criminals. How many more elections do we want the Russians to influence before it's too late?

Baerbock will not be Chancellor. However there is a good possibility the Greens will be part of the next coalition. The CDU is also promising to attack climate change "painlessly". So either way it's going to cost money.

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