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August 08, 2021


Olaf Petersen

It's always nice to let a Querdenker talk about Corona, vaccination and so forth and then ask the simple question: Can you please give me a brief definition of a virus? I would like to make sure you know what you are talking about.

The answer, most probably:
"Ich bin zwar kein Arzt, aber laber laber waber waber..."
How would you say that in English?

There are too many people on this planet and nature finds a way to reduce the number, some people say. Maybe nature starts with the most stupid?

I know this video can only convince those who are already convinced, but please, spread it around:

K÷93 (Jaz Coleman, Peter Hook, Geordie Walker) Remembrance Day


This article is not correct in it's claim NSDAP needed vaccine to fight typhus. They had ozone therapy, homeopathy and other natural remedies for that. Even electromedicine aka Rife therapy can suffice. But if one gets too sick from malnutrition that was common during war times, even those may not help.

And this quote is fake and misrepresented as if it was the reason for being anti vaccination. It's totally fabricated. Streicher never said that: "Die Idee einer Immunisierung der Massen widersprach indes dem Gedanken von Auslese und Abhärtung. Dass der "Herrenmensch" mit einer Impfung den "Untermenschen" schützt und vice versa, das war offenbar ein unerträglicher Gedanke"

National Socialists like Streicher knew the vaccines are poison, so they would never "immunize" anyone anyway. So in that light that sentence does not make any sense. There is God given immunity and there are are natural remedies for keeping up the balance.


quest - thanks for reinforcing my main point here: Nazis were - and are - antivaxxers.

Julius Streicher was convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal of inciting genocide and was executed in 1946. Only a very sick person would try to defend his views...

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